A Real Fortress

The Hall of the Coats of Arms once was the main entrance. In honour to its name, this hall is decorated by the so called "speaking coats". Being an exclusive characteristic of the Catalan people, the drawings of the coats of arms represent the name of the family.


The place, that initially had been the stable, later was transformed into a hall appointed to exhibit the weapons. In the present time some authentic weapons are preserved and others are replicas; there is also a funeral gravestone of Rocabruna and a piece of furniture of the XVII century.

The last outbuilding to visit is the dungeon. In this little prison the delinquents were confined -tied to a burden of 20 kg of weight and with a ring around the neck - before receiving their sentence. Once judged, and depending on the seriousness of their crime, they were sent either as slaves to the galleys that were used by the Count of Barcelona to conquest the Mediterranean, or they were killed at Montsonís, using the "right to the force" the noblemen had.

Now the visitors do not run this risk. From the dungeons they go to the shop, where the paintings of the winners of the fast-painting contest are on exhibition; and from there, there is nothing better than, impregnated with history, to walk over the town of Montsonís, or enjoy the delightful typical gastronomy of the region.