Theatrical Night Visit

Characters, fire, history... live it!

Different characters dressed as in the 12th century explain the varied facets of life in the castle, combining the visit with the use of torches and other lighting systems and through a conductive thread around the time revolts that were lived in these lands bordering at the time of the reconquest, with the struggles between Arabs and Christians.

Visitors are not only spectators but from the start of the theatrical visit, they are already involved and participate in it.

One of the novelties that this visit provides and one of the reasons for doing it at night is to show the visitors how the castles were communicated, through a SYSTEM OF SIGNS in which the fire was the protagonist. Visitors during the visit to the homage tower have the opportunity to receive and interpret the coded news arriving through the fire signals and thus find out about the danger they are experiencing ...

The SIGNAL SYSTEM in the Middle Ages was very important and was developed in such a way that in a single night a message could be sent from Cap de Creus to the Strait of Gibraltar.


Duration of the visit: 1h. - 1h 30 '
From October to April: every friday and saturday at 20pm with previous reservation
(Check other timetables on bank holidays)