...they were times of conquests

Middle Age, a time of "Moors and Christians". In Montsonís, the Count of Urgell, Ermengol II "The Pilgrim" has to protect the lands he just conquered to the Muslims and thus make sure the Christians can repopulate the territory.

The Count orders to build a fortress, the Castle of Montsonís, from where he can watch over and prevent possible invasions. He is not the only one. On the border line that goes from Barcelona to the Montsec there are various castles that protect the territories of the counts.

It is the time of the reconquest. Christians of the "Old Catalonia", especially of the Mountain Range of the Cadí, repopulate these lands.

The Castle of Montsonís, along with the rest of the fortresses built in the zone by other counts, defended the border between the 'Old Catalonia' and the 'New' during 125 years, until the definitive conquest of Lleida in the year 1149.

Come explore the castle Montsonís an authentic medieval castle.

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